We’ve always felt uncomfortable
with the comfort zone.

Advance was founded in January 1995 with a well-defined purpose: to be an agency with full expertise in developing innovative and effective solutions that build powerful brands and provide remarkable results for its clients.

Outstanding agencies go beyond creativity. More than coming up with great ideas, they are lifelong partners. That’s why, from day one, we've consistently invested in a highly skilled account management team. Smart operation and media planning truly capable of optimizing the announcer's results are also among our core values.

In our continuous search for the best solutions, we combined Information (DATA), Strategic Thinking (BRAIN) and Creative Thinking (HEART), to develop a unique model of creative intelligence that is able to strengthen the value of brands in consumers' minds.

We’re proud to be one of the most respected agencies in our country

Our headquarters were built over an old cotton storage building dated 1920, whose walls remain preserved until today. With an area of approximately 1.500 square meters, our building allows the integration of our teams and a sharp communication among them.

Our “Tamo Junto” spirit goes beyond our work, because it’s got the power to engage everyone around us and create a better world. Based on this philosophy, we have embraced several social causes and environmental policies. Our architectural arrangement, for instance, optimizes the use of natural sunlight inside the building during the day. Green spaces merge with the work stations and common living areas. We also promote selective waste collection and rainwater reuse.

Investments in our structure were made with the purpose of providing crucial support for an integrated teamwork. On total, there are ten meeting rooms equipped with projectors; an auditorium with capacity for 100 people with complete sound and video system; two video-editing stations with audio recording booths acoustically equipped; and a one-way mirror room for focus group meetings. Also, there is an audio and video recording structure, besides a room with integrated workstations.

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